Thursday, May 12, 2016


HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY BEVERLY CLEARY!!!!  WE LOVE YOU! How many Beverly Clearly books have you read? 
Which of her books is your favorite? Who is your favorite character?? Add a comment to this post and let us know what you are thinking.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PS 87 Library -Media Center Update Sept. - Dec. 2015

 Congratulations to the following students who participated in the Summer Reading Program :  Mia Washington, Selena Dasrat, Amanda Ganesh, Tianna Dougall, Imraan Haniff, Michaela Webb, Kennedi James, Nafisah Immamal, Jennyfer Basset, Unique Richards, and Clifton Hibbert. They completed and returned the reading log that was handed out in June. They read 25 days in each of the months, June, July and August. The students were rewarded with a party, prizes, certificates and treats. Way to go Summer Readers!!


OUR PS87 SCHOLASTIC Book Fair was awesome!!!  Thanks to all of the students, teachers and parents that helped make the fair such a great success!!!  Hope you enjoy reading all of the wonderful books that you purchased. $5,000 was sold over the week and about $1,300 of that will be put back into our PS 87 Library!!
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR STUDENTS WHO “GOT CAUGHT READING”   during morning line up and lunch. The raffle prizes went to     Sade Goland, Dalitso Gore, Jodyann Thomas, Zenell Mangal, Suria Hunter, Jessika Peralta and Nehara Campbell.

      ******** It’s 6 Flags Read to Succeed Time Again**********
If your family likes going to Six Flags, your child might as well go for free!!!!! Students who complete six hours (360 minutes) of recreational reading will earn one FREE Six Flags ticket.  All they need to do is read and complete the provided reading log. Logs will be distributed to all of the students very soon.  Just sign and return it by FEBRUARY 26, 2016 and your ticket will arrive in early May. No late submissions will be accepted!!!! Happy Reading!!!!


THE NEW BOOKS ARE HERE!!! THE NEW BOOKS ARE HERE!! Every year our school is given money to order new books for our library. This year’s new book order has arrived. Here are some of the books requested by the students.



****CONGRATULATIONS   TO CLASSES 303 AND 304 FOR WINNING THE MOST NUMBER OF COMPLIMENT CARDS in the library during the months of September and October!!  I am so proud of the way: YOU ARE SAFE, RESPONSIBLE AND RESPECTFUL IN THE LIBRARY!!!!******  

NYC Reads 365 is a new multi-year citywide literacy effort to promote a City that reads every day, in and out of school.  All pre-K through grade 12 schools will receive ongoing resources to promote daily reading – new and age-appropriate reading lists, engaging posters and bookmarks, and support and trainings for school staff and parents geared towards strengthening students’ reading skills and encouraging a love for reading. Students and families can also easily access updated reading lists and extensive reading resources at a new NYC Reads 365 website

Our school will be receiving copies of some of these books and the Public Libraries will also be stocking up on them as well. Look for more information as it becomes available.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Welcome to the PS 87 Media Center Blog Summer of 2015

Experts agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. This is what researchers have often referred to as the “summer slide.” It is estimated that school summer breaks will cause the average student to lose up to one month of instruction.

One way to help your child is to join our PS 87 Summer Reading Club!! Our school is teaming up  with the New York  City Public Library's   Summer Reading Program called:  Every Hero Has a Story.  All of the students received a program card that included a calendar to log in all of the minutes  he or she has  spent reading over the summer. Just record the number of minutes ( a minimum of 20 minutes per day is required)  , as well as  your initials,  in each box on the calendar, on the days that reading was done. In September, any student who returns his/her log and has 25 boxes completed in June, July and August  ( you can use some of the first days in September to catch up with ) will be invited to our 9th Annual  PS 87 Media Center Summer Reading Club Party at the end of September. I hope to see all of your children at the party.  The Edenwald Library is also having a party to celebrate over the summer. Please call the library and confirm the date with them.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Reading Incentives & Camp; More !

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There a so many great books to read and super awesome things to do in NYC this summer ! Read, win prizes , become a Summer Reading Hero !

Reading Programs & Incentives

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading - Participants receive a free book once the read and record eight books they've read over the summer in their Reading Journals.

Bookworm Wednesdays - Every Wednesday at 10am from July 8th - July 29th - Just bring a book report* with you to the select Bookworm Wednesdays movie and that’s your price of admission!

Chuck E. Cheese - Reward your kid with tokens for accomplishing tasks and completing chores.

RIF Reading Planet - Check out RIF's Summer Reading page for games, activities and interesting books to read over the summer.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge - Free online reading program. Set a new reading world record for summer 2015! (May 4 - Sept 4, 2015)
Grand Prize: the schools with the most minutes read will win a visit from
Michael Northrop (top elementary school), and Varian Johnson (top middle school).

Summer Reading 2015 - Summer reading combats “Summer Slide”, a phenomenon that affects children who stop reading over the summer. Ask students to sign up before the school year ends.

TD Bank Summer Reading - Make reading fun while teaching young people the importance of saving money.


Camp GoNoodle - Helps kids stay active, use their imaginations, and explore their world. Each week in July, there will be a set of adventures to complete, two Camp GoNoodle songs to learn, and a badge to earn

MakerCamp - A FREE summer camp from Make: for building, tinkering and exploring. Participate online from home or find a camp host in your neighborhood! July 6 - August 14


Museums - Most accept a voluntary donation and you don't have to pay that expensive "suggested" fee.

New York Philharmonic - Offering free concerts in each borough.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


CALLING ALL READERS !!!!!!! Do you like to read????  Do you like going on rides????  Do you like saving money??? Then this event  is for YOU!!!!!   Our annual Read to Succeed Program is about to kick off again for the 2014- 2015 school year.  I have increased the challenge-- this year, instead of reading and logging 600 recreational minutes (6 hours) I am challenging you to read 1,200 recreational minutes !!  Logs will be given out next week during your Media period.  Begin recording the number of minutes you spend reading for fun and return your logs after 12 hours or
1,200 minutes.  The deadline is February 25, 2015!!!  That is only 10 minutes a day if you start on November 1st. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! Let's make this year our most successful year yet!


Courtney Goulbourne   Rachael Scott            Renee Scott   Imani Talabera   Travis Dougall   Tienna Dougall   Breanna Houston                      Erica Bland       Amaly Mercedes                Timothy Mohamed   Jennyfer Bassett            Sade Goland       
Zaryiah McLaughlin   British Stubbs   Paris Powell   Madison Jackson
Danika Brown    Milan Powell   Joy Awagah   Suvidya Bishnudat   Sapphire Spencer          Ameerah Khan    Asa Joel Francis   Ethan Webb  
Eleana Awagah  Mackenzie McCallum         Michaela Webb   Zenell Mangal
Olivia McCallum    Lond'n Powell                   Jamely Ramsammy   Trinity Coke
Kennedi James   Tianna Ricketts                     Gianna Calcano   Shaquana Ricketts       
Christine Ray   Skyla Sayers   Leah Tejeda   Ashley Crespo  
Devika Mangal   Dane Smith   Brianna Dussard   Amelia Williams
Anthony Mangru   Tielye Vanover            Amanda Joseph   Judah Perry  
Naima Aggarat   Amber Joseph   Kymura Lamar   Bibi Asssim   
Kurdian Edwards   Suria Hunter   Shaday Ricketts   Donni Denham


Pictures will be posted soon!!!